Official Guide to Online Casinos

Online and land-based casino intro

Casino was established long time ago first in Europe then its popularity spreads in America. Right now casino is available even in Internet. Online gambling became famous with the development of World Wide Web. Both types of casinos are similar in games and both of them have own pluses. All represented online games have the same rules but are operated with the help of virtual croupier.

Types of internet casino

There are web-based and download based casinos. Web based casinos are mostly used for free slot games, because they do not require special software to download. Other type of the casino online is for those who prefer to play on money and needed the virtual account to be opened.

Advantages of online & real casino

Maine privileges belong to the online casino, because in the age of computer technologies, gambler do not need to go out from their apartment in order to enjoy some games. They can easily play wherever they like. In addition, online casino grants bonuses both cashable and non-cashable and provides with opportunity to gamble for free. Land-based casino attracts the attention of people due to the charming atmosphere. Even inveterate online gamblers would ever try to visit real casino. Moreover, real casino grants comps for playing games such as free drinks, hotel services or cigars.

Types of games

The mostly played games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and Slots. All of them belong to the certain category either to table games, random numbers or electronic machines. In major cases people like to play for fun and not to think over the result of the game. Therefore, the most preferable games are Roulette and Slots. These games are based on luck. They require neither strategy nor some skills. The only thing player should be aware of are defined wining possibilities such as types of bets, quantity of paylines etc. that increase probability of win.