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Baccarat tips

Baccarat is very old and very fascinated card game. In spite of Blackjack, this game is a matter of chance. It has no mathematical strategies as Blackjack, but as any other game there are some hints on how to win at Baccarat. The objective of this game is to collect total number of points closest to 9. Baccarat is usually played in a separate room, because the size of the table is huge enough the same a Craps table. The quantity of players may vary from 12 to 14.

Rules and process of Baccarat

Table layout is divided into three sectors to bet: Player, Banker and Tie. Player can bet on one of three sectors or make combined bets with the exception of Player-Banker. When the initial bet is made dealer passes two cards to each player. The amount of points depends on the cards. Ace have 1 point, cards with pictures and 10th have zero points, call other cards are of their nominal values.

Card counting process is carried out by the way of supplementation. Thus if the total sum of cards exceeded 9 points, for example the value is 15, ten points should be subtracted from this amount, the result will be 5 points. If the value either of banker's cards or player's is 8 or 9, this combination is called Natural and means that the round is over. The winner is that who has collected the higher number of points. In case when either banker or player has some smaller value, additional, card should be taken. The outcome of the game may be next:

  • Player has more points - the bet is winning and is paid off as 1 to 1
  • Banker has more points - bet is winning as 1 to 1. Besides, the 5% commission is taken off from this bet.
  • In case when Tie bet is winning, the payoff is 9 to 1.

Tie bet has the highest correlation of payoff, because it has miserable chances on win. According to statistics, the house advantage on Banker bet is 1.17% and on Player bet is 1.35%. But player should remember about 5% commission in this bet.