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Legal Notice

Whenever you submit personal information to a website whichever it is, the act is accompanied with some jitters and scares with the idea of being conned. But with This Site there is nothing to fear, as they have thought about our privacy as dearly as we ourselves do.

Why submit the personal information?

The website does not ask users for personal identifiable information generally. You are free to use the website without any major hazel even without giving your e mail id. In certain cases when you want to make use of the other special facilities on offer you might end up having to part with some personal information.

For example when you want a subscription of monthly magazine or when you want to participate in their games. So remember it is not mandatory for you to give any information to the website.

What happens to the information I do submit?

All websites are created so that you can make full use of their facilities and This Site is no exception. You can make use of all the facilities because they provide utmost security to your personal information and do not disclose it generally. They tabulate compile all the data and store it with the assistance of the latest technology.

When do they part with information?

The website is forced to part with personal identifiable information when

a. You ask for extra services which are provided by the website in association with third parties. These third parties are reliable and have guaranteed to adhere to the privacy issues of the mother website. In case you click on other links and advertisements beware, cause the website is not responsible for the data you part with the.

b. When the information is required by the law in any case. Under such circumstance if the website finds it necessary (according to their own discretion) they will part with your personal information.

c. In case of a sale of a part of the property or the website on the whole the information will be transferred, but care will be taken to ensure that the buying company also maintains high standards of privacy and will adhere to the existence privacy rules.

Can I change any information after submission?

The website is very accommodating and you can change and edit any of the information you have given by simply contacting the company via email or at the address given, you can do it anytime you want and therefore it makes it more reliable naturally.

Other things to remember:

The site may use non personal identifiable information in order to improve the product, study the trends or promote it. They might also use it for statistical and other management purposes.

The privacy policy might change, but you will be updated and the site will also have details of the latest update, making it easy to access.

Always think twice before divulging any personal information online. This Site com we have though more than twice to ensure that your privacy is maintained.