Official Guide to Online Casinos

Casino roulette description

Roulette belongs to the random number games. In casino roulette enjoys wide popularity among players. People like this game as it doesn't require certain skills, provides with variety of favor betting types and doesn't force to wait long for results. Roulette can be of several types. The most played in all casinos is American and European roulette, however, people prefer the last one. American roulette in comparison to European one has 0 and 00 on the table layout what decreases player's chances for win. This fact doesn't change the process of the game, but because of double zero American roulette has more betting options.

Roulette playing process and rules

Rules of playing this game aren't complicated. The only thing gamblers should do is just to make their bets on numbers, colors or set of numbers and wait until the launched by the croupier ball will lend on some section of roulette wheel. When it happens, dealer announces the result, take away loosing chips and pay out winning ones. Winning amounts depend on the type of bet.

Types of bets and payouts

All bets in roulette are divided into inside and outside. Inside bets are situated on the inside part of the table layout, outside bets are along the edges of the table. To inside bets belong:

  • Straight-up bet. It is paid out as 35 to 1 and thus is considered as the highest, but is made only on one number from 37.
  • Street bet (11 to 1) is made on 3 numbers by placing chips on the corner of the row.
  • Split bet (17 to 1) is made on 2 numbers by placing chips on the line between numbers.
  • Square bet (8 to 1) is made by placing chips on the corner, where 0 and 3 intersects.
  • Corner bet (8 to 1) is made on 4 numbers. Chips are placed on the cross-point.

Outside bets are more preferable than inside ones, because they give more possibility of winning in spite of they have lower correlation of payouts. They are:

  • Odd or Even (1 to1) bet is made either on odd or even number. Zero is not count. In this bet.
  • Red or Black (1 to1) is the same as odd or even. It is made either on one color or another.
  • Dozen (2 to 1). There are three sets of numbers 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 on the table layout. The bet is made on one number from three sets.
  • Low or High (1 to1). Numbers on the table are divided into low 1 -18 and high 19-36. The bet is made on number from one of two groups.
  • Column (2 to 1). At the end of each column (there are 3 of them) from 37 numbers, there are boxes with words "2 to1". Player places his chips on one of these boxes, if the winning number is among these numbers he chose, the bet is winning in correlation 2 to 1.